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Road Re-surfacing


A durable and extremely resistant material for building your driveways, pavements and paths.

Tarmacadam is extremely durable



It's used for building roads and therefore, can handle traffic flow so is an ideal material for driveways and paths

Requires little maintenance

A variety of materials and products can be used for the edgings


We install tarmacadam driveways and paths in Glasgow and the surrounding areas.

Resilient, Inexpensive, Weather Resistant.

Not keen on paving for your new driveway?


Tarmac drives look great, are weather-resistant, easy and quick to install, and extremely durable.



Central Scotland Driveways offer competitively priced tarmac drives to suit your needs, from Wishaw and Bearsden to Hamilton and Glasgow.


Tarmac Path

Tarmac Pathway

Tarmac path with concrete borders and edgings

Tarmac makes an ideal path due to its durability



•Tough and durable
Resilient against the weight of heavy vehicles and extended use, which can cause other surfaces to crack.

•Easy to lay and inexpensive
Less disruption for you, and there's no need to break the bank.

Your tarmac driveway with withstand the elements for years to come.

•Easily repaired
New tarmac can be laid directly over any damaged part, leaving your driveway looking good as new