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Resin Products and Uses

A permeable resin bound driveway enables water to drain away to the water table, not allowing surface run-off and ensuring the sustainability to the surrounding planted areas. Installation times are greatly reduced when compared with block paving and other driveway installations. Resin Bound surfaces can be applied in various shapes, and used in large or small areas. The aggregate is available in a wide variety of shapes and colours.

Resin Bound Drives

Resin Bound can be used for driveways, paths or patios.

There are a variety of different materials and colours in materials which are used for the edgings - mono block being a popular edging

Resin can be laid on most surfaces, which is ideal as this means you don't have to have your existing driveway dug out and it also means its more cost effective.

There are a choice of colours for a resin bound driveway, path or patio

Ideal Product for Drives, Paths & Patios


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Resin Types


Resin bound surfacing is applied in a smooth, even surface.


It may be applied to most surfaces, without the need for digging up the existing driveway.  However, we need to prepare all existing surfaces before we apply the resin bound mixture. Any holes, cracks etc. will be filled in and the area cleaned and ready.

What is resin bound surfacing?

This type of material is made from a mixture of shingle, quartz or crushed granite. The elements are pushed through a mix process to ensure that each grain is coated with a clear UV stable polymer resin.

  It is then trowel applied to the area to ensure it is a smooth and even surface.


The aggregate is available in a variety of colours.

The materials for the edges of the resin driveway, path or patio etc. can also be finished off in a variety of materials with a choice of colours. 

Water Penetrable

Resin bound surfaces allow water to drain through, acting as a sieve and allowing the water to flow naturally into the water table.

Where it can be applied

Resin bound surfacing is a popular product for driveways, paths, patios, pedestrianised areas and car parks.


Resin Bond is a rougher surface than resin bound.

Resin bond can be used on most surfaces without the need to dig the driveway up.  Having said that, it does depend on the surface itself and the condition it is in.  Some preparation will be required whether or not the surface is suitable for the application of the resin bond. Any holes or cracks can be filled in, to ensure the surface is suitable.  An initial assessment will be made and always discussed with the customer.

Once the area to be re-surfaced is completed the resin in applied to the surface.  Aggregate is laid and this adheres to the resin surface.  Any loose aggregate is brushed away to complete the finished bond surface.

Resin Benefits

Semi-Permiable Surface

No Planning Needed

Reduced Chance of Puddles/Ice

Over 20 Standard Colours

Custom Colours

Weed Resistant

Partly Flexible